Tom Gavin is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and quasi-multi-instrumentalist--not necessarily in that order. His music follows it's own logic, roving from moody, introspective murmurings to brash swells of clanging chords and keening vocals, usually within the same song. Gavin performs regularly with a number of original groups, playing guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, and whatever else is nearby, but his most particular ideas come out in his own band, which includes long-time friends and co-conspirators Chris Moore on drums and Gary Langol on upright bass. His newest album, Free As An Arrow, is now available.

Tom's other current musical efforts include a long-standing stint as guitarist with Irish-Americana singer/songwriter Erin O'Hara, and a similarly long and colorful job as banjo strangler for avant-theater composer Amy Kohn. He is also the bassist for the collapsing-universe pop of Pete Galub and the Annuals, co-guitarist with (ex-Negative Approach) Chris Moore for the expansive chamber folk of Moore and Sons, fretted-instrument juggler for the earthy dirges of Ro Agents, and guitarist for Ex-Mendoza Line singer/songwriter Shannon McArdle.

Press for Fallout

"At some point, somewhere along the line, someone referred to Fallout as "a shimmering panorama of vivid songs ranging from slight, melodic musings to jarring, abstract indie-rock-isms." They were dead-on. Somewhere between acoustic chamber pop, emo, indie pop, lo-fi folk, odd little, adventuresome mold-breakers and experimental electronic playfulness, Tom Gavin stakes out his voice. Within it, you are likely to find eccentricity, anti-social depth-plunging, counter-culture mentality and a "who gives a bleep" approach, but whichever parts get emphasized from track to track, no matter which elements one finds most intriguing, one thing is certain: a lot of folks will flip for this."

- CDBaby Editor's pick review, 07.28.05